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The management of the school has the right to refuse acceptance of the child if deemed necessary. In the event of any medical emergency, the school is hereby authorized to seek medical attention from the nearest available and qualified practitioner or hospital for the students. The school and its staff will not be responsible for any medical treatment administered to the students or for any medical charges incurred. If this information was not made known to the management of the school prior to the acceptance, the management of Baseerah International School reserves the right to revoke the acceptance of the child as a student of Baseerah International School. The school also has the right to terminate the student who are not fit in Baseerah International School environment and discipline cases based on recommendation by Head of Schools and Discipline Teacher.

Enrollment Declaration & Acceptance

I, Father/Mother/Guardian of the above child, confirm that I have read and understood the contents of the page. I shall abide by the terms above. I, hereby understood and agreed that all information given is correct. Baseerah International School has the rights to reject the application without prior notice.

Consent Agreement


Article 1: This document outlines the rights and duties of both parties, namely the guardians and the school. It equally serves as a contractual agreement that both parties must adhere to. The contract period spans one full academic year, subject to renewal by the mutual consent of both parties. The student’s enrolment at the school is considered active, implying the guardian's consent for continuation into the new academic year (Secured by the payment of yearly fee to reserve the seat), unless an official withdrawal letter is submitted to the school in advance.


Article 2: The Structure of School and Transport Fees

Registration Fees : RM 1500

Deposit Fees : RM 2000 (Refundable)









4-5 yrs old

(Grade 1 - 3)

6-9 yrs old

(Grade 4 - 6)

10-12 yrs old

(Grade 7 - 8)

13-14 yrs old

(Grade 9-11)

15-17 yrs old

(Grad AS-A2)

17-18 yrs old

Tuition Fees
Per Year

RM 9,500

RM 13,500

RM 15,500

RM 17,500

RM 18,500

RM 19,000

Yearly Fees

RM 1,300

RM 1,300

RM 1,300

RM 1,300

RM 1,300

RM 1,300


RM 10,800

RM 14,800

RM 16,800

RM 18,800

RM 19,800

RM 20,300



  1. Additional fees of RM 500/subject for lab material and practical training.
  2. Fees for books and uniforms will be advised per academic year.
  3. Parents who pay one-year tuition fees during the first month of the academic year are entitled to a 10% discount on tuition fees and a deposit waiver.
  4. For families who enrol more than one child, a 10% discount on tuition fees is given to the 2nd child and 15% to the 3rd onward.
  5. There are two semesters in a year: the first is in August and the second is in January.


Discount Scheme:

  1. 10% discount on tuition fees for one-year full payment.
  2. 5% discount on tuition fees for one whole semester payment



1st Semester

2nd Semester

Direction of Movement

RM 1400

 RM 1400

Two ways

Note: Transportation fees are for students who would like to be picked up and dropped off by the school transportation.

*For Ampang (selected areas only), RM 1600 will be charged for each semester.


Tuition Fees

  1. Tuition fees are imposed on the student on a semester and academic year.
  2. Guardians who have more than one child will receive a discount as follows: (the eldest child is not eligible for any discount), (the second child is eligible for a discount), (the third child and subsequent children are eligible for a discount).
  3. The discount granted to the guardian is cancelled by default should he/she fails to pay the school fees during the first month of the academic year.
  4. Tuition fees is payable during the registration process or before the student attends the school. (Payment of School and Transport fees by semester is due at the beginning of each semester)
  5. No guardian can receive more than one discount at a time, therefore, only the highest percentage of discount will be applied (included sibling discount policy).


Transportation Fees

  1. Transportation fees are imposed on students on a semester and academic year basis.
  2. Pick-up and drop-off arrangements are made by the transportation staff at the school and are not committed to picking up or dropping off any student who does not abide by the rules and instructions.
  3. Locations that are very far from the school, where our vans do not usually reach are considered exceptional cases, and whereby a different agreement must be made accordingly as the transportation fees mentioned above are not applicable to such exceptional cases.
  4. Changing the pick-up and drop-off address or location must be notified to the immediate officer responsible for the van arrangement before the decision is made.
  5. The school has the right to decline the application if the location presented is outside the coverage areas and disrupt the driver’s time management.
  6. There is no option for pick-up or drop-off only.
  7. There is no different payment even if a parent wishes to register for only pick-up or drop-off because the school must reserve one seat for each student whether he/she use it or not.


Article 3: Withdrawal from School

Unless the guardian formally applies for school withdrawal, the student’s status remains active in the school during the first week of school attendance. Failure to formally apply for school withdrawal before the first week of school attendance is tantamount to a consent to continue for the academic year. Thus, the school management hopes you can submit school withdrawal application formally before the first day of attending the school to avoid depriving other students of enrolling at the school earlier. As a result, withdrawal is subject to the following :

  1. Registration fees and yearly fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
  2. If a student withdraws from the school after registering but before attending the school or during the first week of school attendance, 25% will be deducted from the tuition fees only.
  3. Payment for books and uniforms will not be refundable after the student has collected the items.
  4. Guardians must pay 50% of semester school fees at the beginning of the second week of the school attendance, even if their children withdraw from the school.
  5. Any discounts given are no longer applicable and are subjected to the original fee structure.
  6. Guardians must make full payment of semester school fees at the beginning of the third week, even if their children withdraw from the school.
  7. This rule is applicable to both transportation and school fees and is also applicable to the second semester.
  8. Transportation fees are not refundable under any circumstances.


Article 4: Enrolment of Semester 2

Students enrolling for Semester 2 should adhere to the following terms and conditions :

  1. Student should pay all requirement fees for semester 2, include registration fees, uniforms and books (full set).
  2. Student must present a full report of Semester 1 from the previous school and submit accordingly.
  3. Failing to provide the said report, student must fulfil the following requirements :
    • Student must complete Semester 2 and passed the examination.
    • Student must sit for Semester 1 examination, during the school holiday.
    • RM 50/subject will be charged for the replacement examination of Semester 1.
    • In the case of failing Semester 2 examination, the student is required to repeat the same grade for the next Academic Year.
  4. No.3 is only applicable to students who intended to continue with the school for the next Academic Year.
  5. If the student wishes to leave after completed Semester 2, the school will only issue him/her a Semester 2 report.


Article 5: Declaration of Pledge

  • I declare that I have read the attendance code thoroughly, which stipulates that the absence of a student from school for a percentage of 25% deprives him/her from attending classes, and that I shall bear all the full semester fees.
  • In case a student decides to withdraw or to suspend his/her study for a full academic year or only for one semester, they must submit a formal school withdrawal or suspension letter to the school to be dealt with in accordance with Article 3.
  • The school retainsthe full right to discontinue or dismiss any student found to be harming the reputation of the school and affecting other students negatively; however, the dismissed student must pay the due school fees.
  • The school retains the right not to hand over the students’ academic results and credentials to their guardians if they fail to pay the due school fees.
  • In case a student violates the school’s rules and regulations, thereby commiting an offence, the school has the right to take all necessary measures against him/her. Thus, students must observe and abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
  • In case guardians fail to pay the due school fees, Baseerah International school has the right to take all legal procedures in order to protect its right by filing a lawsuit or legal pleadings to the authorities concerned. However, guardians must bear all costs involved in the legal pleadings.


Declaration of Pledge

I declare that all the information provided in the registration form is correct, and I bear all the responsibility for any mistake. I have read the terms and conditions and I pledge to adhere to its contents completely.


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